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Inchcape is a leading, international automotive distributor and retailer operating in 26 mature and emerging markets, with diversified, multi-channel revenue streams including new and used vehicles, parts, service, finance and insurance.

We represent the world’s leading automotive brands. Inchcape, which has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1958, is headquartered in London, employs over 15,000 people and has scale operations in the UK, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Greece, Belgium and Russia.

A clear Vision, Core Purpose and Strategy
Meeting our Vision of being the world’s most customer-centric automotive retail group is fundamental to the success of our business and our Core Purpose, of creating the ultimate customer experience for our brand partners, is a key differentiator for Inchcape in our industry, providing the basis of our long-standing relationships with many of the world’s leading motor manufacturers. Our passion for superior customer service reflects directly on the reputation of our brand partners, making this a compelling reason for them to select Inchcape as their partner of choice.

Customer 1st
This Customer 1st approach is central to our business and drives decisions taken at every level of the organisation. Understanding the customer’s view of our performance is vital and through our unique Inchcape Advantage programme , we continue to invest in mystery shopper, customer feedback programmes and leading technologies to support our activities. These combine to give us a constant view of our performance from the customer’s perspective and help us identify opportunities the moment they emerge.

Our business model has a number of unique strengths, including a diversity that ensures resilience and provides a balanced portfolio of income streams. We have a broad geographic spread with scale positions and a presence across both mature and emerging markets. We benefit from a decentralised organisational model which enables us to stay close to changes in the marketplace and react quickly to flex our operational focus. We have long-standing relationships with strong brand partners, giving us access to a pipeline of attractive new models. Our brand strategy is market specific, enabling us to fit the right brand with the right market. And we have a multi-channel structure. Our Distribution businesses, where we represent every aspect of a brand partner’s presence in a specific national market, have historically delivered stable, strong cash generation. Our Retail businesses provide access to diversified and resilient sources of revenue through, for example, aftersales service and parts. These diversified income streams (what we call our ‘value drivers’) give us both the growth opportunities that drive our business forward (new and used car sales, third-party finance and insurance products) and defensive income (aftersales, service and parts) that becomes increasingly important in times of economic difficulty. The combination of our unique business model and our differentiating customer focus has underpinned Inchcape’s success and is enabling us to outperform our competitors.

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Максим Мардер

Адрес: 123290, Москва, улица 2-я Магистральная, дом 8, строение 4


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+7 495 981 58 70

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