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The global market place has brought about many changes in the way that international corporations do business.

Employees now have to be ready to move to all parts of the world in order to meet new demands and opportunities. Therefore, the success of any global organisation is dependent on its ability to effectively relocate its staff wherever the need may arise. This makes the choice of an international relocation company increasingly more important. Since 1961, ICM Gerson Ltd have been providing this specialist service to nearly every part of the globe. Our highly trained, professional staff, guarantee the personal care and attention that each relocation employee deserves. ICM Gerson is recognised internationally for providing a top quality service and for being at the forefront of technological and operational development of the removal industry.

You're on the move 
What is the first step? 
From your initial contact with ICM Gerson you will be appointed a dedicated Move Manager who will be solely responsible for looking after all aspects of your international relocation. The first stage would be for the Move Manager to arrange for a survey at your home. To help you prepare for this visit we have developed a guide on How to Prepare for your Pre-move Survey. By the time our Surveyor leaves your home you will have a complete understanding of the moving process, the range of services that we provide and the necessary documentation required for your final country of destination. Once the move is on its way to your new home your Move Manager will track and control your shipment via our Move Track system. On arrival at destination your shipment will be cleared through Customs, if necessary, and delivered either by your ICM Gerson European crew or one of our overseas agents.

Relocation Services 
The success of any overseas transfer is dependent, not only, on the identification of the individual moving and relocation services required, but how they are effectively managed and delivered. With this in mind and acknowledging that no single international move is identical to another, ICM Gerson have introduced a comprehensive range of services, which enable us to provide you with a bespoke relocation solution.

Scope of Services: 
Pre-Move, Accommodation Search, Family Support, Property Support, Departure Support, HR Support.

ICM Gerson AddFurniture provides an extensive range of pre designed and bespoke furniture rental packages. Furniture rental is a flexible cost effective solution when trying to plan and schedule an international relocation.

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Chris Mackley

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Downland Close 
N20 9LB


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