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FM Logistic

Опубликовано в Транспорт, Перевозки, Переезды

An independent company built on unifying values, we have acquired a strong corporate personality. Each of us works towards the lasting success and development of the group.

Our project is to satisfy durably and fairly the 5 stakeholders in the company: clients, employees, shareholders, partners and the community.

Our mission consists of optimising our clients' Global Supply Chain by taking advantage of our position as intermediary between manufacturers and retailers.

And our ambition is to become, through our sense of commitment and level of excellence, one of the key Supply Chain players, for the benefit of the consumer in Europe, Asia and Brazil.

FM Logistic employees play a vital part in the success of the business plan. Our 12,000 employees stand together united to ensure our success and that of our clients. This cohesion between our teams enables us to build a genuinely sustainable relationship with our clients based on confidence and mutual respect.

Our corporate culture is based on truly federative values:

Combined skills:

  1. Team spirit
  2. Excellence
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Responsibility
  5. Dynamism

This powerful ethic, which we share with all our staff, is also shared by our clients, shareholders, partners and socio-economic environment, with one aim in mind: the total and sustainable satisfaction of all.

The company is a jewel that each employee has the duty to protect and help it grow...



Новое шоссе д. 34 стр. 4, 141720
Долгопрудный, Московская область, Россия
+7 495 737-39-54

Химки, Павельцево д/пос.
Московская область, Россия
+7 495 737-39-55


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